Piano lessons for every age and every skill level.

 I  have been happily teaching students to play since 1976. Nothing pleases me more than to share my love of this instrument with my students. The Studio contains 4 digital pianos as well as a Concert Grand Piano.

My students participate in 2 or 3 Recitals per year, there is also an opportunity to participate in the Federated Piano Festival held every April.

I  provide  private lessons as well as piano classes.

The private and class lessons  are  geared towards each students particular interest and ability.

Private Lessons are offered as:     30 minute time slot per week – suitable for   beginner students

                                                 45 minute time slot per week –  suitable for intermediate students

                                                          60 minute time slot per week – suitable for late intermediate/advanced

Piano Classes are offered as:        60 minute timeslot per week – suitable for beginners

Please contact me for current tuition rates.

Great musicians are not born, they are taught.

How to Practice Piano

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At the end of every school year, students register for the next year of classes.