What is the Piano Festival?

The Federated Festival is a non-competitive Piano Performance event. The students learn and memorize two pieces and play them for a piano adjudicator.The students will recieve comments and a rating on their performance. Each rating is worth points which the student accumulates.

Important Information about the Federated Festival

How Students are Rated

Superior - 5 points Excellent - 4 points Satisfactory - 3 points Fair - 2 points Needs Improvement - 1 point

Participating in the Festival

When the students have earned 15 points, they will recieve a cup from the National Federation of Music Teachers.
This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn how to bring a piece up to a level of excellence with all of the musical details represented in their music.

More About the Festival

The festival runs all day and each student will be assigned a certain time to perform. They will need to be at the location 15 minutes prior to their performance.
After performing, the students may leave and the results will be presented at their next lesson